Billing Rates

Hours will be recorded and allocated to the appropriate category and discipline. If there are change orders on work that has already been completed, hours will be allocated against the contingency allotment. If change orders exceed the allotted amount, work on these changes will be stopped until notifying owner or approved party.

To prevent interruptions in work, prompt payment is expected. Customers can expect incremental billing at the beginning of each month.

Contract amount to be paid prior to the release of the plans. If amount agreed upon is not paid within 15 days of invoice being sent, a 19.9 APR interest rate will be charged. Admin and legal costs will be billed for collection efforts. In the event of a legal dispute the prevailing party will have a

• Professional engineer - $150/hr
• Engineer 1 - $125/hr
• Inspections/site visit - $150/hr
• Administrative fees - $65/hr

Value engineering and economic design is out of scope items. Standard contracts are limited to best practice and prior experience. Any changes or construction admin are additional billable items.