Removable Roof Structure

Problem: We partnered with Hitchcock Design to develop a roof system for an electrical substation that was removable to allow for open-air in the summer and and enclose the space for warmth in the winter.

Solution: ESD designed a large roof that moved on trolleys so the station could operate in winter and summer in the predictable temperature ranges. This was a huge cost savings for the utility company significant as they reduced their energy for cooling and heating.

Rooftop Unit Installation (RTU)

Problem: Customer needed substructure verified or redesigned to handle current code requirements.

Solution: This building was previously remodeled for a pharmaceutical company and the roof was not designed to be able to handle the loads from rooftop HVAC units. We designed a substructure that helped in safely handling these loads and submitted construction documents to pull permits in Jefferson County.



Multi-Unit Commercial and Residential Building

Problem: Architect needed foundation design for complex multi-space development

Solution: We're no stranger to multi-unit buildings.

This project was particularly unique in that some units elevated and spanned coupled with a 125 mph wind rating and expansive soils.

We applied our expertise to design the piers, framing and steel substructure for the foundation, so the architect and developer could continue to build and complete the project on time. 

Rooftop Roller Coaster

Problem: You heard that right. A restaurant near Niagra Falls wanted to put a roller coaster on the building's roof, but hadn't considered that when they built the restaurant so they needed to understand load constraints.  

Solution: In engineering speak, we used Newton's equations of motion and dynamics equations to solve for velocities and centripetal forces. 

In a nutshell we calculated the structural forces the roller coaster would apply to the roof and provided the structural engineer a designed roof system.