Structural Engineering

ESDenver can help take your architects design and make structurally viable. We have the experience and staff to turn your project into reality.

Structural engineering services:

  • Construction documents for permitting

  • Foundation and slab design

  • Stress analysis

  • Deflection analysis

  • Schematic design

  • Steel design

  • Inspections for rebar and framing

  • Design development

  • Feasibility assessment

Engineering Inspections

Our deep understanding of Colorado-state requirements for structural changes will help fast-track approvals so you can move forward with your project.

During the construction phase, you'll need a rebar and concrete form inspection, and a framing inspection from a registered engineer. ESDenver will observe your contractor, help assist the contractor, to verify and provide documentation stating that the work meets design criteria and code.

Engineering Inspection Services

  • Construction document permitting

  • Site development permits

  • Public improvement plans

  • License agreements

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering

Ensure that your project will function at its peak with expert mechanical and HVAC design consulting by ESDenver. We take all factors into consideration to design the best possible HVAC and mechanical solutions for your building.

We create innovative design concepts to keep your project’s unique plumbing systems working just as they should. ESDenver offers unparalleled experience and knowledge to create actionable solutions for any size or scope of plans

MEP engineering services:

  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Construction documents for permitting

  • Schematic design

  • Domestic Cold and Hot Water Systems

  • Domestic Waste and Vent Systems

  • Fuel Gas Piping Systems

  • Fixture Unit Analysis Calculations

  • Compressed air systems

  • Chilled and heating Water Systems


Commercial remodels are usually pretty strait forward. We can design the elements to bring your commercial space to life.

Remodeling services:

  • Roof top unit structures

  • Increased window openings

  • Concrete and masonry lintels

  • City and jurisdiction stamped drawings and inspection letters

  • Construction administration

  • Budget recommendations, cost-effective solutions and high ROIs